The spirit of
the desert

Unearth historical wonders

Revel in the old-world charm of Dubai’s most ancient district that still stands tall in all its pride and glory. Roam around the cobblestoned pathways and marvel at the rustic wind towers of ancient Arabia, as you take a leisurely stroll amidst the clustered heritage homes, art galleries and The Dubai Museum.

Soaring through the skies

To this day, Falconry remains one of UAE’s proudest and culturally significant practices. Witness these majestic yet graceful birds of prey that are vital to desert life, from hunting to evolving into a regal sport.

Equestrian finesse

Dubbed one of the finest and most prestigious sporting events in the world, horse racing never fails to charm and delight the people of Dubai. Effortlessly combined with the best in dining and entertainment, equestrian events are sought-after affairs across the emirate.

At the heart of art

Visit Alserkal Avenue, the region’s foremost hub of art and culture. From classic art galleries to beautifully decorated community spaces, Alserkal Avenue is a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the growing art scene in the UAE.

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